Thursday, May 17, 2012

And then things got strange


I am at Orion Shine's Observatory.

What a time i had getting here.

I saw the post. The one mocking me. I took the bait.

I left my home and once again ended up at the mouth of the Everfree. I could hear the laughter, but saw nothing. Like an idiot i went inside. And then i saw it.

Little Scootaloo was in a tree, watching. Just watching. The laughter stopped.  I called her name but she just stayed cooped up in that tree. Watching and smiling. I approached her.....and i was knocked on my flank. I could not make it out, but it emitted a light. I was knocked out and Scootaloo was plucked from the tree. 

I awoke in a field in the middle of the day. I was surrounded flowers.

THOSE flowers.

And then my heart skipped a beat as i heard it. Singing. Lyra's singing. I stood up, but a huge purple flash temporarily blinded me.

I was at the mouth of the Everfree Forest. No time had passed.

I ran to the Observatory.

And here i am. Orion has been a great host.

I just hope i don't repay him with pain.

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