Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Taking A Step

I'm ok.

I'm sorry i haven't been able to do a full post recently.

I was helping with Bon Bon's funeral.

I saw the body.....what was left. It was almost unrecognizable. She had been cut up and put into garbage bags. An animal got to one. Her head was just sitting on the ground. Just on display for everyone to see.

I'm sorry.  I'm still trying to process this.

Cause of death was blood loss. Her organs had been removed, then placed  back into the torso. The legs in another bag. The arms in another. And then the head.

Now I'm just waiting for the call. The call about Lyra. The call about the little Filly. The call about any of my friends.

I'm heading to the outskirts of town. To an Observatory. Orion Shine is letting me stay for a while.

I'll update when i arrive.

If i arrive.

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