Thursday, May 10, 2012

Back from the forest

I have returned from the Everfree Forest.

What happened?


Nothing AT ALL

I left about a half hour after my last update. There was an eerie calmness as i approached the entrance. I held my breath as i walked in. Nothing. Not a sound. Not a movement. NOTHING.

I walked deep into the forest. I was prepared to face some animals. Maybe a dragon or Timber wolves. Not even the chirp of a bird.

Now i know FOR A FACT that there is a cottage in the forest. Not today. I decided it was time to leave the forest and see if anyone had any updates on Bon Bon. I stepped out of the forest and....

I was back inside of the forest. It was as if the entire place had flipped making the exit the entrance. This went on a few more times. After a few tries i finally heard a sound. Laughter. Laughter laughter and more laughter. I could see the small orange filly standing just out of my reach. Every time i would attempt an exit she would get closer to the entrance and the laughter would get louder. After like 10 tries i really DID exit the forest.

What about the filly?


In its place was a picture of the filly and what seemed like a nursery rhyme or something. I'll include those in the next post.

And still no word on Bon Bon. The others went to bed for the night.

Why is this happening? 

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