Thursday, May 10, 2012

Well that went well

Quick update

Took Bon to Sugar Cube. She was acting strange the entire trip. We had a pleasant enough meal, but things went down hill fast after we left.

We decided to check out the local fashion boutique. It was fine at first, but then THEY showed up. Two small fillies walked into the store. Bon FREAKED OUT. She started screaming "SHES DEAD" over and over. She ran from the store in a panic. I've been looking for her all day. Octavia and vinyl are out looking now. They made me take a rest. I don;t know how to proceed now. Do i just keep looking? Do i skip town again?

I think i know what i need to do.....but i can;t bring myself to go back.

I think i need to go back to the everfree forest.

If i can get myself to go I'll update when i get back.


  1. 1) What in Celestia's name is so scary about a couple of fillies going into Sugarcube Corner?

    2) Please do not leave town. Running away will not solve a thing.

    3) I'd say go to the forest, but do not go alone. I've heard things about what lives in there, and none of it is pretty.

    Good luck.

  2. 1)That's what i want to know

    2)I just don't know

    3)I wasn't ABOUT to bring somepony else to that place. I'm updating soon. This has been INSANE!!