Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I'm back at Orion's . I'm Safe.

Hello Everypony. The last couple of days have been a nightmare that has changed my view on reality as we know it. I'll break this up into parts.

The night i left Orion's

I saw the strange message HE left for us. It was a trap. He was trying to get me out of the Observatory.

When i walked out of the door i was met with tall trees and darkness.

I was in the Everfree.

I panicked, but then i saw it.

Beaten and bruised, but breathing was Scootaloo. I plucked her up from the ground and began to run. After about a minute i saw it. The purple flash. I was taken away, and Scootaloo was gone.

I was in the field. With her.


She walked to me, and said this. Only this.

"The Pony in the woods is coming for you"

A dark hole opened in mid air. Dark Tentacles grabbed her and pulled her in. The purple flash happened again and i was in darkness.


The flash took me back into the forest. For a full day i was stuck  in a kind of loop. No matter the direction i would end up back at the same place. The laughing was so loud that it deafening.


I was taken to Zecora's Cottage. No one was home. The door was locked. But the window. All i could see was Scootaloo. She was screaming for help.

I couldn't do anything.

The cottage burst into flames. Nothing was left. I sat and cried.

I was taken to the darkness again. But this time.....

It was like i was watching a movie.

The Tentacles

Slowly tightening around Scootaloos neck. She was screaming and crying.

And then nothing.
At The end the image sat on her body.

And then HE walked into the picture.

I tall skinny Colt. No color but a pale white. No face.



He walked on two legs, like a Minotaur.

Someone posted a blurry image of him on here.

That night i was taken back to the Observatory.

I made a frantic post, and then fell asleep.


I just don't know.

Soon I'll explain some of the stuff he was spewing on my blog.

Because i have been hiding something from all of you.

That "Unpleasant Experience" i had in Manehatten.....I didn't know what it was. I had little memory of it.

These last few days have brought some of it back.

Something about me is different from most ponies.

I'm going to post an image of myself from the day i came to ponyville. Its cropped because i don't want to post any other ponies on this blog.

Soon I'll explain why I was an adult colt

With a blank flank


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