Friday, May 25, 2012

Why i moved to Ponyville

Well this is it. The truth.

I was still young when this happened. I had a friend. A best friend.

His name was Starfire Cuddlecakes (I know I know). He was a master at baking anything and everything. But things began to change during my final days in that city.

One day he told me something. "Its watching me" he said. He wanted me to help him. You see, i was a photographer. I had a camera Cutie Mark. He thought i could capture it on film to prove it was real. He never described it to me. He said i just had to see it.

This was the last day i ever say him.

We left that night to find it. It was fine at first, but he started growing paranoid as the night went on. He just kept picking up speed. He was soon ahead of me.

He turned a corner

And i saw it

A purple flash

I turned the corner and i saw nothing

But i heard something


It was starfire

Laughing and laughing and laughing and laughing

And then the purple flash

I awoke the next morning in my bed. A Polaroid photo next to me.

It was me knocked out on the ground.

My Cutie Mark gone. I had no memory of what had happened

And so i moved here,  and it was great for four years. I met her on the first day.

Lyra welcomed me to town. I met Bon Bon and the others. I was happy.

Flash forward to this week.

After i arrived back at Orion's, i noticed something.

I had a cutie mark.

I don't know what it means

But I'm afraid to find out.

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  1. Don't worry friend, Twilight and I are working on a plan. We've got a "worst-case scenario", but I really, really hope that's unnecessary.