Sunday, May 13, 2012

Started sad, turned downright depressing

so i talked to my PISP. They told me the messages are coming from my computer. I'll be leaving here for a while.

So we know who the Filly is. I want to thank Orion Shine for finding this information for me. More on him later.

So the little filly is named Scootaloo. That's freaking adorable. She's been missing for a while now. I planned to talk to her parents, but that posed a problem.....shes an orphan.

I am being stalked by a lost little orphan.

Her friends are all worried sick about her.

I decided to go to her school and talk to her teacher. I gave her the picture and the rhyme.

They canceled school on Monday.

A day or mourning.

I'm not giving up yet. I've lost Lyra and Bon Bon.

But the filly.

I can find her. At the Everfree Forest.

If i can't save my friends then i want to at LEAST save this poor little filly.

So Orion Shine.

Turns out he has his own blog. Not only that, but he's been following me and helping me throughout this entire ordeal.

He's offered me a place to crash for a while. I sent him a message and am waiting for a reply.


  1. 1) Where did you send the message? I got nothing in my inbox.

    2) Whoever is posting on your blog posted a comment on mine. Something about me not wanting to join your "game" and to stop posting on your blog to get out. Buck that.

  2. I sent you a friend request with a message. The message system here hates me.

    We need to get things worked out. P-mail me.

  3. 2) all the more reason to get away from here. This guy keeps gaining access to my computer somehow.