Friday, May 11, 2012

Just have a minute

I am contacting My PISP about the hacking. I am also about to get in touch with Bon's parents.

Update soon.


  1. Hey! Got some news! So I asked around Ponyville, mostly just fillies, and found out who that orange filly is! Her friend, um, Sour Bell(?) told me. Her name is, hold on it's so odd I wrote it down, Scootaloo. She's been missing for almost two weeks now, and everypony who knows her is scared.

  2. Oh my.....what should i do? I'm really freaked out now. I'll explain further in my next post, bit i think i need to stay with a friend or something for a while.

  3. Well, if you really need to, I can tell you my address. I live about a ten minute trot outside of Ponyville to the west. It's an observatory, and can seem somewhat messy to an outside observer, but I have a spare cot for guests, and you'd be my first one. You're in quite the predicament, so it's absolutely no trouble to do so.